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Grass growth on amateur/municipal pitches is generally 40mm per week, on professional pitches this can be up to 80mm per week. This growth has no effect on Bigmow because with its constant cutting and mulching, it revolutionises the maintenance of the football pitches. It creates a superior even surface, delighting all players, no matter what their level.


Constant mulching

Depending on its program settings and the mowing area, BIGMOW will mow the whole pitch between 3 to 5 times per week. It only cuts the top of the grass. The cuttings are only a few millimetres long and can easily penetrate the soil, thereby providing 100 % natural fertiliser. This fine, clean and gentle cut imposes no stress to the pitch, and leaves the grass in top condition. Weeds dislike regular mowing which, in turn, hinders their development. The pitch is ready for the players who will enjoy the very best playing conditions. 2,8


Traditional mulching

Weekly mowing with a normal grassmower cuts the grass by several centimetres. This waste is too large in volume to decompose quickly and to turn into a natural fertiliser. If the cuttings are not collected and disposed of, they decompose and create slippery areas which are dangerous for the players, and stimulate the growth of weeds, moss and mushrooms.


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