Belrobotics football

Football pitches have found their master

cutting edge
  • Continuous developmentMore
  • Intelligent mowingMore
  • Master of the lawnMore
  • Recharges automaticallyMore

Unique cutting technique


Continuous development

The Belrobotics engineers equip our robots with the latest technology and continually strive to develop new functions. The BIGMOW uses the most advanced guidance technology, has multiple safety features and increased autonomy thanks to its Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries.
  • picto-anti-volAnti-theft alarm and disablerMore
  • picto-sonaBMultiple security featuresMore
  • picto-signal-prot3Guidance systemMore
  • Safety-firstAccident preventionMore
  • picto30All-terrain mobilityMore
  • controleDistance controlMore
  • picto-enduranceUnfailing enduranceMore
  • picto-24-24TirelessMore

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