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Football pitches have found their master


Susanne Walter, groundkeeper at Bielefeld (Germany)

Our first BIGMOW was installed in 2006. At the end of 2012 ten of our twelve pitches now benefit from a BIGMOW. The remaining pitches will soon be equipped with this mower. As soon as we started using BIGMOW I noticed improvements in the turf. As the weeks progressed, it also became visibly denser and had an improved appearance. The grass is greener and in better health. I was able to very quickly reduce the amount of chemical fertiliser that I used. The BIGMOW buys me precious time which I can now spend on tasks which I previously neglected due to time constraints. The progressive natural grass growth in demanding areas, such as goalmouths, has really surprised me. The


The grass in the goalmouth is often in bad condition


BIGMOW aids progressive and natural regrowth

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